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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

About Wombfruit Wraps...

All Wombfruit Wraps are made from 100% cotton gauze. This fabric is incredibly versatile: strong, lightweight, comfortable, soft, breathable and easy to wrap with. I purchase my fabric from various manufacturers and since not all gauze is created the same (some weaves are different than others), I make sure that each fabric I use is perfect for babywearing.

*In each of my wraps, I sew a ribbon into the hem as a center-marker for convenience in tying on your wrap. Pictured below is the Bubblegum Color with the sheer brown ribbon white polka dots!

Standard wrap length is 5 1/4 yards long. Petite wraps are 5 yards long, and Large wraps are between 5 1/2 - 6 yards long. Extra Large wraps are in the 7 yard range. If you need a Petite or Large wrap, please select the appropriate choice during check out so I will know to adjust the wrap length accordingly. If you need a custom wrap (shorter than petite or longer than large), please contact me in advance, before purchasing so I can accommodate your order with your fabric choice. I strive to make each Wombfruit Wrap the best fit for each mama!

Wombfruit Wraps are ~one size fits most~ at the standard length, which includes mamas up to 5'9" and/or size 14. The Petite length is best suited for petite-sized mamas smaller than 5' and/or size 2. The Large length is preferable for overly large-chested mamas, taller mamas over 5'10", if your general stature is just fluffier than the standard size (size 16+), if you plan on wearing more than one child in your wrap at the same time, or if you plan on sharing the wrap with another wearer who is quite larger/taller than you (like a daddy :)

Standard width is 24-27 inches wide (97% of all my wraps are between these widths). Width is measured from hemmed edge to hemmed edge, on flattened, non-'crinkly' fabric (washing and drying are what crinkles it up). Small width is 20-22 inches wide and will be noted beside each fabric choice.

Standard and Petite Wraps $32
Large Wraps $37
Extra Large Wraps $42

Custom and X-Large Wraps may be subject to additional costs.

Standard First Class Shipping to any US address is $5.
An additional $1.50 may be added to that during check out for Priority Shipping.

Feel free to contact me at fruit_ofyour_womb@yahoo.com if you have questions or need clarification :) Thanks!!


marie hill said...

What is the weight limit? My 12 mo old dd is already 25lb.

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