~Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.~ Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are buying a house....SALE!!

So we are trying like *crazy* to save up for closing costs and other expenses for our first home purchase! So exciting!!!!! Please, please visit Sweet Retreat to take advantage of my sales and drawings! Lots of fun stuff going on! Sales start Thursday, October 1, and are only available thru Sweet Retreat (but I'll honor it if you just want a different color: you can purchase thru there, and email me to let me know what color you prefer from my blog :)

All sales will go toward us moving into our first home, so I'm thanking you in advance for helping us out here mamas :) Appreciate your support and loyalty! Spread the word!!!


*New* Wombfruit Wrap Bags!!

Wombfruit Wrap Bags are here!! Thank you to Heather for making up some of my very first ones (2nd picture below)....and now I've given it a try and here they are :) They are perfect for on the go, while you're out and about, loading up the kids in the car, just stuff your Wombfruit into the bag, and throw it into the backseat. Takes up waaaay less space, and keeps your wrap clean, too!

These are my very first wrap bags and they have natural cotton drawstrings for the closure. Actually, the string slides quite easily, better than I expected! $4

These bags have actual drawstrings with slick string and were made by Heather (Loving Touch Wet Bags!) $7

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wombfruit Kid Wraps Now Available!

Wombfruit Wraps can even be sized for your little 'Babymama' (babywearing children :) My sweet 3 year old daughter loves to be just like mama and wrap up her little baby dolls....

OMgosh I can hardly stand how cute Cadence is when she brings her little wrap up to me to put on her...and she always loves on her baby dolls, as she's wearing them! So sweet!! :)

Wombfruit Kid Wraps can make great (and creative) gifts for young children (girls OR boys!) and are available for $12. Right now, they are on sale for $7 as part of my new matching 'Mommy & Me' sets on Sweet Retreat!
Contact me for color choices! I can customize each Kid Wrap, so I will need their age/height/weight measurements to make the right size wrap for your your child :)

Our Mommy & Me Wraps in *Jade*

My sweet babymama, Cherish....wearing her baby doll
....being silly and posing for the picture...

Sweet little Cadence (14 months) wrapped up with Pooh Bear

Our newest friend from NC, Jalyn!

Cherish and her friend Gracie all wrapped up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wombfruit Wraps On Sale!!

THANK YOU everyone who participated in the sale!  Keep checking back for another sale upcoming next month, plus another drawing or 2 for a discount wrap, and even another auction.  New colors too!!!  Sweet Retreat and Bitty Fluff are good places to go to see my sales, too :)

I'm excited to announce my first sale on Wombfruit Wraps!!  In honor of 9/9/09, a we're offering sales with '9s' in the price, on my online boutique Bitty Fluff.  Check out the site ASAP to find wraps for $19.99 and $9.99, but these amazing sale prices are only good thru Friday night, 9/11/09, so act fast!!  
You'll have to register for an account there (it only takes a second to put in your email and create a password) in order to get the sale...since it's thru that online boutique :)  Thanks for looking!  

Hope to get your wrap out to you soon!!!  

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