~Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.~ Psalm 127:3

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wrapping with a Newborn

So I have been having tons of new mamas asking me how to use the wrap with their newborn, so I finally got time to record me actually wrapping a real newborn baby (vs. using a doll~LOL) and here it is! I 'touched it up' on my computer a bit and I couldn't be happier about posting it! Enjoy! And please don't hesitate to ask ?'s/post comments....thanks :)

(I just made it today, out at the farmer's market, so the background noise cannot be helped, but I personally think it adds to it! I'm so excited to have a booth out there, it's been so much fun meeting new people, and especially seeing all kinds of babywearing mamas out and about!!)

Enjoy :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Welcome to Wombfruit Wraps!   **Wombfruit Wraps are one in the same with CC Baby Wraps (I changed the name to streamline all my current endeavors...in case you knew my wraps as "CC").

Wombfruit Wraps are fun to wear, stylish, and also very comfortable.  Also, because of the unique way the wrap is worn, each piece of fabric placed over your shoulders, upper/lower back, etc..helps distribute the weight of your baby appropriately to alleviate any one pressure point from rubbing into your muscles, allowing you to wear your child for long periods of time (if desired), without being achy!  Also, you can securely tie off/tuck the fabric underneath rails to keep a clean babywearing look :)  *see pics below*  Wombfruit Wraps are made from 100% cotton gauze, which is a lightweight and stretchy fabric, that is breathable enough for your baby to sleep in or be carried around in!  I have even worn my wrap in the pool with my 2 month old!  She hardly even breaks a sweat when I wear her, and she loves the movement of me rocking her while she sleeps and I grocery shop at Wal-Mart!  

Babywearing is a great way to keep your baby close to you, while your hands are free!   Keeping your baby near you (holding them w/o really having to 'hold' them :) promotes bonding and encourages good sleep habits!  It's nurturing for your sweet little newborn to be worn so close to your heart, and since the wrap simulates the womb, it really helps your baby transition into his/her new world, in a safe, gentle way.  The earlier you start wearing your baby, the easier it will be to get them used to being worn, and the more they'll LOVE it as they grow!   Wombfruit Wraps can hold children from birth all the way up into toddlerhood, or the time your child just doesn't want to be worn anymore (I can still wear my 3 year old when she gets tired of walking!)  Check out my Online Babywearing Demo on the video links at the side for a preview of how to use a wrap.  

Email any questions you have to fruit_ofyour_womb@yahoo.com :)

How to Buy a Wombfruit Wrap...

Currently priced at $30 (for local pick up, add $5 for shipping), Wombfruit Wraps can be purchased in several different ways:
*You can pay online (through paypal, credit cards are accepted, too!) right here, directly from my blog.  
*Check out my new online boutique Sweet Retreat to purchase one from me there.
*Stop me if you see me out and about wearing my sweetie (I usually carry a few wraps in my car) and pay with cash/local check.
*Visit me at Statesboro's Farmer's Market (behind Sea Island Bank on Main St.) every Saturday morning from 9am-noon!!  My debut was this past weekend and it was soooo much fun!!  Come out and support babywearing just by wearing your baby and looking around at what locals have to offer!  (By the way, baby wraps make *great* shower gifts for the expectant mama!!) 

My mama, #1 fan of Wombfruits!!  :)  

You can also check out my wraps on display at Southern Closets Boutique at Statesboro's Flea Market (on 301N/Parrish, on your way to 301 Bypass), open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Different Uses for the Wrap

..as a newborn (to nurse or be hands-free to spend time with older siblings)...


 ...napping (tummy to tummy) when you're *on-the-go*...

 ...tummy to tummy (at the POOL!!)

...facing forward... 

...tummy to tummy (with outer *pouch*)... 

...wearing your older child (my 3 year old wanted a turn on mama!!)... 

Practice Your *Wrapping Skills*

Your wrapping skills will get better the more you use your wrap, so don't get discouraged if you can't seem to get it right on the first try.   Practice using your new wrap either while sitting on the floor or on a chair/couch.  Try using a baby doll, too, as you will be less nervous when tightening the rails and adjusting the fabric, etc....and when you feel confident enough, slip your baby right in!

Happy Wrapping :)

*FINE PRINT: Check your fabric often to be sure that it is in top shape with no snags, loose threads, or any other issues that may compromise the strength of the fabric.   Always use with care.  Wash on cold, occasionally/as needed.  Dry on low heat.*

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