~Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.~ Psalm 127:3

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Wombfruits!

I have just streamlined all my different business endeavors into one name: Wombfruits! This includes my Doula and Childbirth Education services (Fruit of Your Womb) and my baby wraps (Wombfruit Wraps, formerly CC Baby Wraps). So now, you can conveniently navigate through this one site (www.wombfruits.blogspot.com) to find all that you're looking for!  

Fruit of Your Womb Doula Services

I started with Fruit of Your Womb Doula Services 3 years ago, taking on clients as God blessed me with them. I then took off a year ('08) when my 2nd daughter was born (last June). And so far, it has been an exciting spring ('09)!! It's more of a ministry to me, really, being able to share in the journey that my clients take during pregnancy. I love preparing women for this experience known as childbirth. As a doula, my heart's desire is to teach women to trust their bodies, instill in them the knowledge to make informed decisions about the way they want to give birth, and empower them to embrace motherhood with confidence!

It's a personal choice, whether or not to actually hire a Doula, but studies show that having another woman present at a birth may actually benefit the laboring mother in various ways:
  • reduction in epidural requests and other analgesics
  • reduction in Cesarean rates and in the use of Pitocin
  • increase in shorter labors
  • increase in maternal satisfaction and bonding, which can lead to a higher occurrence of breastfeeding
Contact me today for a free consultation and see if having a Doula is right for your birth!!!  

Childbirth Preparation Education

As part of my services, I offer a Childbirth Preparation Education course during the pregnancy, which serves 2 purposes: one purpose is to help prepare the couple for what is sometimes thought of as 'the unknown' when it comes to the physiology and science of birth. During these preparation classes, I also teach alternative pain management comfort measures, such as walking, position changes, breathing/relaxation. The second purpose is to develop trust. It's important to me to establish a relationship with my clients so they can learn to trust me, as I will be partaking in something so intimate as their child's birth.

As recent as this past February ('09), I have now added an additional service: Individual Childbirth Preparation Education classes. Now, couples who do not wish to have me (as their Doula) attend their birth, but want the pre-birth education on how to manage labor naturally, for example, can meet with me just for the classes! This can help them feel more confident in their choices about birth, while still retaining the intimacy of their birth as a couple.  

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