~Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.~ Psalm 127:3

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Trip to the Zoo!

Well I know I don't post much else beside new wrap colors or bags lately, so I decided to show off my family a little with a few pics from our trip to the zoo last weekend! We celebrated my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday and although it was super hot, we enjoyed our time together!! And since I don't EVER leave home without my own wraps, I wanted to give you all a taste of my babywearing life :)

*Please scroll on down to the next post to see all my in-stock colors*

Here I am wearing my sleeping 2 year old, and believe it or not, when she woke up, she WAS NOT SWEATING! Even from me wearing her in the wrap for over an hour, it was amazing, she wasn't hot! I was so excited about that!!

Here we are right after she woke up, heading toward seeing our first real-life 'dragon'
(the kimodo dragon, that is ;)

Here we are cooling off in the splash park...thank the Lord for cool water on hot days!!

Feeding the giraffes from our hands!! Look at his LONG tongue!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Babywearing Mamas in the 'Boro

Check out these happy babywearing mamas sporting precious cargo in their Wombfruit Wraps!! (Thank you mamas for letting me post your pics and for purchasing wraps from me :)

*This is my favorite picture*
Cadence & Ruth (12 & 11 months) and Asher (5 months)

...Erin with 8 month old Rowan *frontward facing*...
(good to see you this week, girl!! :)

...Mel with 10 week old Elizabeth *frontward facing*...good job, Mel :)

...Katie with 3 week old Mia...

Stephanie piggy-back riding her 3.5 year old with her 3 month old in the wrap...
couldn't do that w/o a wrap! LOL :)

...Emily with Asher (5 months)...

...Jessica with one week old Emily!...

...Emily & me again...

...my best sister-in-law and 10 month old Ruth (in the first wrap I ever made!!)...

...Denikia with 4 week old April...

...Clarissa & 9 month old Rowan frontward facing...

(Besides my SIL :) this mama was my *first* babywearing buddy in Statesboro!
Thank you Stacey for spreading the babywearing love!!
...wearing 2 week old Ethan...

...Treena loving on 3 month old Addison...

One of my closest friends Stephanie wearing 4 week old Belle,
preparing to go for a walk with our babies and our 3 year olds :)

Stephanie & me with our napping babes...
...a day at the park with 2 happy babywearing mamas!!

...me with 10 month old Cadence again :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We've been busy...

.....so we are going on a much-needed break: a mini-vacation! This past spring season has proved very busy for us and we are so excited!!! I want to thank you all for the positive feedback we've been receiving from you and for spreading the babywearing love!! We are so excited that word is getting out about the Wombfruit!! God is so faithful!!

But it's time for a short break....

So! Since we are heading out of town, I won't be processing any pending or future orders until the middle of next week (May 18-19), so please be aware of this slight delay in shipping time for orders placed now (May 12) through the weekend (May 16). However, I am doing my best to get orders placed through noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday, May 12, processed and shipped out this week.

Also, I will not be returning emails until after Tuesday of next week, so I can settle back in from the trip and re-organize my children and family...so please keep that in mind when getting in touch with me. I have to keep first things first!! :)

I so enjoy hearing from you so keep it coming! Thanks again for all the support and understanding!


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