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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wombfruit Kid Wraps Now Available!

Wombfruit Wraps can even be sized for your little 'Babymama' (babywearing children :) My sweet 3 year old daughter loves to be just like mama and wrap up her little baby dolls....

OMgosh I can hardly stand how cute Cadence is when she brings her little wrap up to me to put on her...and she always loves on her baby dolls, as she's wearing them! So sweet!! :)

Wombfruit Kid Wraps can make great (and creative) gifts for young children (girls OR boys!) and are available for $12. Right now, they are on sale for $7 as part of my new matching 'Mommy & Me' sets on Sweet Retreat!
Contact me for color choices! I can customize each Kid Wrap, so I will need their age/height/weight measurements to make the right size wrap for your your child :)

Our Mommy & Me Wraps in *Jade*

My sweet babymama, Cherish....wearing her baby doll
....being silly and posing for the picture...

Sweet little Cadence (14 months) wrapped up with Pooh Bear

Our newest friend from NC, Jalyn!

Cherish and her friend Gracie all wrapped up!


Melissa said...

you've read my mind. i was going to email you to see if you did children's wraps - hannah has been wrapping her dolls in blankets and it just isn't quite the same...

wombfruit said...

Aww, how cute Melissa! I'll be happy to make a wrap for Hannah or both girls if you want! Just email or call me with what color you think they'd like. I have the cute bubblegum color on top or else a mint green, bamboo, butter, oh I have tons of colors!! :)

"Sweeter Everyday" The Holder Family said...

Jalyn loved seeing herself on your blog and asked if Cherish could be her friend. :)

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