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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Farmer's Market

My good friend Heather came out to guest at my table this past weekend and we had an amazing time!  There was a comfortable breeze almost the whole time and we doubled in size of traffic and vendors.  It was so much fun!  Statesboro was in for a real treat with her wetbags and other products available for sale.  I use every one of her products (wetbags for cloth diapers, wetbags for kitchen towels/dishrags, and wetbags for mama cloth~if you don't know what this is and are interested me, send me an email or check out her site :)  If you missed the market, you can come out next weekend!  Heather won't be there but you can always visit her website: Loving Touch Wetbags!  There's also a link to her site in my LINKS section.  

I am really getting a good response out there, as more and more mamas see the importance of wearing their babies (and grandma's and friends, too...thanks for the support!)  I am still trying to organize a Babywearing Extravaganza come this fall, when it's cooler out.  Stay tuned and in touch!

(Heather's on the right, and I am in the wrap...)


charlotte carroll said...

hey rach. charlotte here. wondering if there are any good back wraps for babies 3 months and older? (my 3 month old is about 16lbs and has great head control)

wombfruit said...

Hi Charlotte! You may not get this til later but hopefully you stop by the farmers market again so I can work with you on back wrapping! I have been looking into specific carries for your little one and I can't wait to show you...hope to see you soon!

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