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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Final thoughts....

Hello everyone!  

Well, after taking August off, I realized how much more time my family needs from me, and it has been such a nice break from late-night sewing, answering emails, computer time spent ordering fabric/updating, etc, that I have decided to 'retire' the Wombfruit Wrap.  

I will still have my wraps and keep using them personally, and I hope that those of you who have one will continue to enjoy yours as well, but at this point in my life, I cannot maintain a business with the level of customer service that I prefer (dealing personally with every single person who orders), and still be there 100% for my family.  I have prayed about this day for a LONG time, and after several 'attempts' at retiring, I finally have peace that this is the right time.  

I actually do not have any more fabric and do not plan on re-ordering this time, although I may be sporadically making a few wraps here and there for baby showers/friends/myself, etc. because I probably can't stay away forever. Ha!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the support and friendships over the past 4 1/2 years, all the referrals, all the babywearing love nation-wide, even internationally!  Thank you so much!

All the best,


Schnookie said...

All the best Rachel..may God bless you and your family always...gonna miss Wombfruit!!

Hugs my Fuschia wrap tight..remembering such a warm and lovely rachel dealing with my "went missing" fluffy mail...

Love : Eppi Aziz
Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)

Renee said...

Oh! I am SO bummed! I was just coming to order another one for my newest addition due in December. I'm sure all us mamas will understand the reasoning... it's tough to juggle LO's with any other activity much less a small business. HSing in itself is a whole 'nother commitment (we just started K this year with my oldest of 3). Best wishes! And if for some reason you decide to start making wraps again, please please let me know ;) reneemcoley at gmail dot com

the cool sack said...

Those are kind words. Sweet!

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