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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of Free-for-Shipping Drawings on Bitty Fluff

Hey mamas :) Just wanted to announce that there are LOTS of drawings going on at Bitty Fluff starting Friday, October 9 @ noon! I am personally offering one of my Wombfruit Wrap Bags up FFS (free for shipping) so take a look and enter as many drawings as you want....plus, lots of new things in stock, lots of sales....just go take a look!!

*free for shipping means you only pay the seller shipping, and you get the item for free*
(Hey, I didn't know what it meant at one time, so I never trust that anyone automatically knows the online lingo :)


Elisa K. said...

Hi! My name is Elisa and I'm a brazilian mama! My baby's name is Isabela and She is 9 month. I love babywearing, specially baby wrap but I have some doubts: How to nurse using a baby wrap? My baby is too big to be nursed like a newborn and she doesn't like to be nursed in the tummy-to-tummy position. Please, help me! Thanx!

wombfruit said...

Hi Elisa! I have always nursed my children once they were able to hold their head up, by straddling me (sitting on my lap with one leg on either side my waist) and I support their head in the crook of my arm while they're leaning to one side, nursing on either breast. I hope that makes sense. So, as far as nursing that particular way in the wrap, you could easily just wrap them up in the front-wrap-cross-carry (which is the tummy-to-tummy position, but it's them just being positioned against your tummy, not really cradling....is it this position your daughter does not care for?) and adjust her to the height of nursing position, and carry on!! :)

Send me an email at fruit_ofyour_womb@yahoo.com if you would like further explanation or assistance in either figuring out this nursing position or others...I have a few more suggestions for you if this one does not work out :)


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