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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

*New* Wombfruit Wrap Bags!!

Wombfruit Wrap Bags are here!! Thank you to Heather for making up some of my very first ones (2nd picture below)....and now I've given it a try and here they are :) They are perfect for on the go, while you're out and about, loading up the kids in the car, just stuff your Wombfruit into the bag, and throw it into the backseat. Takes up waaaay less space, and keeps your wrap clean, too!

These are my very first wrap bags and they have natural cotton drawstrings for the closure. Actually, the string slides quite easily, better than I expected! $4

These bags have actual drawstrings with slick string and were made by Heather (Loving Touch Wet Bags!) $7


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